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About Hyderabad

Meena Travels takes to the Hyderabad pronounced is the capital of the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It also goes by sobriquet "City of Pearls". It is largest city in Andhra Pradesh & sixth largest in India with a population of 6.38 million. Hyderabad was founded by Muhammad Quli Qutb Shah in 1591 on the banks of Musi. Today the city covers an area of approximately 621.28 km². The city has been classified as an A-1 city in terms of development priorities, due to its size, population and impact.

The twin cities, Hyderabad and Secunderabad comes under the ambit of a single municipal unit, The Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. Hyderabad has developed into one of the major hubs for the information technology industry in India which has earned it additional sobriquet "Cyberabad" ". In addition to IT industry, various biotechnology and pharmaceutics companies have set up their operations in Hyderabad. You can visit the city through famous travels called Meena Travels.

The Hyderabad Meena Travels city is home to Telugu Film Industry, the second-largest in India, known popularly as Tollywood.Residents of Hyderabad are generally called Hyderabadis. Located at the crossroads of North & South India, Hyderabad has developed a unique culture, refelcted in its language & architecture.

Situated on the Deccan Plateau, Hyderabad has an average elevation of about 536 metres above sea level (1,607 ft).Most of the area has a rocky terrain and some areas are hilly. Crops are commonly grown in the surrounding paddy fields.

The original city of Hyderabad Meena Travels was founded on the banks of river Musi. Now known as the historic Old City, home to the Charminar and Mecca Masjid, it lies on the southern bank of the river. The heart of the city saw a shift to the north of the river, with the construction of many government buildings and landmarks there, especially south of the Hussein Sagar lake. The rapid growth of the city, along with the merging of Hyderabad, 12 municipal circles and the Cantonment has resulted in a large, united and populous area. Still so many villages near by are getting a facelift to merge in the twin cities in the near future.

Hyderabad has a tropical wet and dry climate that borders on a semi-arid climate, with hot summers from late February to early June, the monsoon season from late June to early October and a pleasant winter from late October to early February. In the evenings and mornings, the climate is generally cooler because of the city's good elevation. Hyderabad gets about 32 inches (about 810 mm) of rain every year, almost all of it concentrated in the monsoon months. The highest maximum (day)temperature ever recorded was 45.5 o C (113.9 °F) on 2 June 1966, while the lowest minimum (night) recorded temperature was 6.1o C (43 °F) on 8 January 1946. So, you can book the ticket tjhrough Meena Travels .Hyderabad is the financial, economic and political capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh. The city is the largest contributor to the state's gross domestic product, state tax and excise revenues. Hyderabad ranks 93rd (as of 2008) in the List of richest cities in the world by GDP (PPP) with US$60 bn and sixth in India. In terms of GDP per capita (PPP), Hyderabad ranks 4th in India with US$6,428. The workforce participation is about 29.55%. Starting in the 1990s, the economic pattern of the city has changed from being a primarily service city to being one with a more diversified spectrum, including trade, transport, commerce, storage, communication etc. Service industry is the major contributor, with urban workforce constituting 90% of the total workforce.Hyderabad was ranked the 2nd best Indian city for doing business in 2009.Hyderabad is known as the city of pearls, lakes and, lately, for its IT companies. The bangles market known as Laad Bazaar is situated near Charminar. Products such as silverware, saris, Nirmal and Kalamkari paintings and artifacts, unique Bidri handcrafted items, lacquer bangles studded with stones,silk ware, cotton ware and handloom-based clothing materials are made and traded through the city for centuries.Hyderabad is a major centre for pharmaceuticals with companies such as Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, Matrix Laboratories, Hetero Drugs Limited, Divis Labs, Aurobindo Pharma Limited, Lee Pharma and Vimta Labs being housed in the city. Initiatives such as Genome Valley, Fab City and the Nano Technology park are expected to create extensive infrastructure in bio-technology. This places can be viewed through Meena Travels

Hyderabad's language which is a mix of Urdu, Hindi, telugu and marathi, which creates Hyderabadi. There is a set of movies that are made using this language which started with Ankur, then Hyderabad Blues, The Angrez, Hyderabad Nawaabs, Hyderabadi Bakra Hungama in Dubai, Half Fry, FM - Fun Aur Masti, Aadab Hyderabad, Salam Hyderabad,Kal Ka Nawab, Thriller the movie,gullu dada return. (need complete list here)The Andhra Pradesh State Road Transport Corporation runs a fleet of 19,000 buses, the largest in the world. Hyderabad has the third largest bus station facility in Asia, with 72 platforms for 89 buses to load passengers at a time. Officially named as the Mahatma Gandhi Bus Station, it is locally known as the Imlibun Bus Station, Jubilee Bus Station at Secunderabad runs buses to various parts of the state and to some parts of South India also avail the transportation through Meena Travels

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About Rayadurga

Meena Travels takes to the Rayadurga, as of 2001 India census, Rayadurga had a population of 54,127. Males constitute 51% of the population and females 49%. Rayadurga has an average literacy rate of 56%, lower than the national average of 59.5% male literacy is 65%, and female literacy is 47%. In Rayadurg, 13% of the population is under 6 years of age.

Rayadurga Meena Travels is ignored by majority of the historians, it definitely left an indelible mark on history of India by its role during Vijayanagara Empire. A strong fort which was built during Vijayanagara empire is still a silent witness for the forgotten days. A large number of temples built in and around the town also tell lots of stories.

The areas surrounding rayadurga are famous for high quality Ground Nut,Tamarind and Custard Apple also known as Seethaphal.Here Special variety of Pomegranate and brinjal (vankaya)can be seen through out the year

Main sources of revenue being Weaving silk and cotton saaris, Garment industry and farming. Nearly 10,000 people are working in garment units. Rayadurga is one of the biggest garment industry in south India exporting Rs.200 crore garments per annum. Silk Sarees for marriages also famous in Rayadurga. Laddu Suri Angadi a Sweets Stall located in Main Bazar is very famous for the mouthwatering Laddu,Mysorepak,Kara (called as Mixture)and other sweets

It is also famous for Garment industry. It is connected via railway to other parts such as Bellary, Chitradurga and Bangalore. The first meter gauge line was laid in 1906 from Bellary (Karnataka) to Rayadurga (Andhra Pradesh). Later it was converted into broad gauge in 1993. Meena Travels takes to the Rayadurga.

Rayadurga Meena Travels has Burug Hundekar Samad Sab used to work as a Hundekar in the Railways from 1933 to 1973. M/s International Engineering Works, (Basheer Workshop) Lakshmi Bazaar, Kanekal Road is the oldest engineering workshop in the town which was established on January 14, 1974. It is registered under the Small Scale Industries. It is mainly involved in servicing centrifugal and submersible pumpsets, making of collapsible gates, rolling shutters and general engineering works. This firm has involved in construction, fabrication and erection of Sathya Sai Water Tanks, Molkalmuru Railway station roof top and many other huge works.

Rayadurg Meena Travels is one of the Indian cities which has a Martian crater named after it. The other cities/towns are Amet, Bhor, Broach, Kakori, Poona (Pune), Sandila

Rayadurga located at a distance of 130 kms. from Ananthapur, Rayadurga is well-connected by road and bus makes the possible through by Meena Travels .The fort was built by the Vijayanagara kings and has inscriptions indicative of the period on its walls.Located within the fort is the Rassasiddula temple. Carved out of a single stone, the temple is embellished with fine sculptures depicting Jain gurus and their disciples.In the proximity are other sites like Rama Temple, Narasimha Swamy Temple Neelakanteshwara Swamy Temple and Jambukeshwara Temple.

The Fort of Rayadurga belonging to the Vijayanagar Dynasty is located in Anantapur District of Andhra Pradesh. The name Rayadurga literally means "Kings Hill Fortress". The fort is built at a height of 2727 feet from the sea-level and one must appreciate the defending style of building this fort. The fort has many inner bastions built in such a way that it was difficult for the enemies to attack in those days.

Rayadurg Meena Travels within the walls of the fort you can see many temples dedicated to Lord Narasimha swami, Lord Hanuman and Goddess Ellamma. There are other temples of Gods like Prasanna Venkateshwara, Venugopala, Jambukeshwara, Veerabhadra and Kanyakaparameswari. The presence of these temples obviously throws light on the attachment of the rulers, of this fort, towards the God. There is also a statue of Lord Ganesha carved out from a 4 meters high monolithic stone called as Dasabhuja Ganapati (Lord Ganesha with ten hands). This is one of the eye-catching sights, which reflects the arts, and skills of the craftsmurg though this fort is under ruins, one can still make out and experience royalty of the original fort on the hill, at the foot of which Rayadurga town is built. A portion of the fort wall crumbled and down the hills you can find four caves with small stone doors with carvings of Siddhas . There is a Rassasiddula Temple which stands within the fort and which has number of sculptures of Jain Gurus and their disciples.

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